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It is inherent in any woman to flow. The woman can be seen flowing in three
streams in her life. One flow is the flow of blood (during menstruation and childbirth), the other is the flow of tears (during delivery), and the third is the flow of milk (after delivery). These three flow naturally. The blood flow is truth, the milk flow is love, and the tears flow is compassion.

Lord Rama's values, Lord Krishna's values, Buddha's compassion, Mahavira's non-violence, Jesus' love, Muhammad's surrender, and Gandhi's selfless service are all motherly events.

Experts today have proven that positive thinking can do wonders, which our culture has already explained thousands of years ago that positive thinking can shape a healthy body, and heal a sick one, and positive thinking during pregnancy can help give you magical results.

First, let us make ourselves able & strong, our children will automatically be excellent. Every mother in the world has the ability to nurture greatness in the womb. 
These books help you develop and strengthen your positive thinking.

1 ) GARBHYATRA - Pregnancy Journey :
Hardcover book:
Pages: 267 (illustrated color pages)
Weight: 1.0 Kg.
Size :‎ 9.5 x 1 x 7.5 inches

What is inside the book Womb:

  • World's first book has a method of proving the usefulness of the book.
  • Compilation of Indian Vedas, Puranas, and World Scriptures.
  • A detailed description of the divine process of Pregnancy.
  • World's first book explains and practicalizes 90 spiritual and psychological activities during/before Pregnancy.
  • Explanation of our Vedic verses protecting the unborn child.
  • Inculcating life values ​​and rituals naturally in parents.
  • Explaining why Pregnancy is the state of getting a conscience connection with the supreme almighty.
  • Spiritually understanding of childbirth and conception.
  • Summary of Garbha Upanishad (Four thousand-year-old Indian Scripture).
  • Spiritual Explanation and Wisdom of Garbharakshambika Strotra and Garbharaksha Strotra.
  • 40 Week-wise explanation of our Indian Vedic Shlokas for protecting Each body part of the unborn baby.
  • Weekly Prayers: For the protection of mother and child.
  • Week-wise scientific Research and Vedic explanations of the child's spiritual, physical, and mental development.
  • Weekly Dialogue: Baby With Mother, Mother With Her Little, And Doctor to Mother.
  • Baby's memories: Transformation of Pregnancy book into a scrapbook.
  • Especially for every pregnant sister-mother and couple planning Pregnancy and contributing to the divine ecosystem.
  • The book is available in Gujarati, English, and Hindi.

    May The Supreme Almighty make your pregnancy journey joyful, and unforgettable. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 24 reviews
      Mihir .
      Torn pages, bad reading experience

      Papers isn't properly cut. Looks like rodent infested book

      Vundavilli .

      Verry useful and good book

      Alekya Alekya


      this book guide to your pregnancy tips please follow this .

      I really identified with the advise on breastfeeding and taking care of yourself. I can define it as an Indian version of 'what to expect when your expecting' with all possible questions answered. I really liked the details on skin, hair, oils...all my queries felt like they are answered with a sensible solution based approach - especially issues like stretchmarks, acne and pigmentation..and including post pregnancy hair fall.

      Shreya Vasani
      The book is perfect for someone expecting!

      It can be your friend and your guide during the nine months and the delicate first few days post delivery.

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