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Your privacy is important to us, so we take it seriously. We value your privacy very much.

Garbhayatra Book is concerned about protecting your privacy because we are aware that how your personal information is used and shared matters to you. For more information on our privacy policy, kindly read the following. By using any of our services, visiting the Garbhayatra books managed domains or any other linked pages, features, content, or application services provided occasionally by us you agree to the practises and policies outlined in this privacy statement (the "Privacy Policy").


This privacy statement outlines Garbhayatra Book practises with regard to the data it collects from users of its website and those who utilise its Information. Additionally, Garbhayatra Book handling of personal information that Garbhayatra Book business partners share with Garbhayatra Book is covered by this privacy statement. The practises of entities that Garbhayatra Book does not own or control, such as websites that you may access from the Website, or to people who Garbhayatra Book does not employ or manage are not covered by this privacy statement.


The information you give us is used to fulfil your requests for particular goods and services, to deliver the content you've requested, to personalise the ads and content you see, to notify you of promotions, sales, and new features, and to address service issues.

All of the information thatGarbhayatra Book gathers from its customers may be used by the company to analyse usage patterns and user and customer preferences, enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the website, hone marketing and advertising strategies, and develop new features and functions.

As not all services are available in all regions or may be subject to additional restrictions, Garbhayatra Book may utilise geo-territory information to tailor the content and services you see on the Website.

IF Garbhayatra book Obtains Any Data, will it be shared?

Data about our clients is a crucial component of our industry for all of our brands, websites, and services, and we may share such information with our corporate parent or other related businesses. We neither rent nor sell your Information to other people or unaffiliated companies, unless clearly stated below. If you give us permission, we may share your Information with others, and we may also provide general demographic data about our users to our business partners.


For your privacy and protection, a password may be used to safeguard the information in your Garbhayatra book account. If your account has a password, you must choose it carefully, keep it secret, and limit access by signing out of your computer and browser once you are done using it to access your account in order to prevent unauthorised access to your account and Information. You are not allowed to give anyone your personal Garbhayatra book login details, and if you do, keep in mind that you are accountable for all acts made under your account name. You may significantly lose control over your information and be exposed to legally-binding acts if you misplaced your password.