Why Choose This Book?

  1. Unlocking Ancient Secrets: Dive into the mystical world of Garbh Sanskar, where age-old wisdom meets modern science. Discover how your thoughts, music, and even the food you eat shape your baby’s destiny.
  2. Expert Advice: Written by Ashishh A ( TEDx speaker and HappYness Hacker Name given by Divya Bhaskar ) with a decade of research & learning from Doctors of Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Allopathy and spiritual gurus, this book draws on their collective wisdom and experience.
  3. Informative and Non-Judgmental: It provides practical answers of week wise without bias or judgment.
  4. Balanced Approach: Whether you’re a first-time mom, partner, or just curious, this book covers the What, How & Why of Garbh Sanskar.
  5. Proven methods: There is a test before and after reading the book which will help you derive the usefulness  of the book itself.

So dive in, learn, and embrace this incredible journey! 🤰📚

What is inside the book Womb:

  • Compilation of Indian Vedas, Puranas, and World Scriptures.
  • A detailed description of the divine process of Pregnancy.
  • World's first book explains and practicalizes 50 spiritual and psychological activities during/before Pregnancy.
  • Explanation of our Vedic verses protecting the unborn child.
  • Inculcating life values ​​and rituals naturally in parents.
  • 40 Week-wise explanation of our Indian Vedic Slokas for protecting Each body part of the unborn baby.
  • Weekly Prayers: For the protection of mother and child.
  • Week-wise scientific Research and Vedic explanations of the child's spiritual, physical, and mental development.
  • Weekly Dialogue Garbh Samvad: Baby With Mother, Mother With Her Little, And Doctor to Mother.
  • Baby's memories: Transformation of Pregnancy book into a scrapbook.

Especially for every pregnant sister-mother and couple planning Pregnancy and contributing to the divine ecosystem.

May The Supreme Almighty make your pregnancy journey joyful, and unforgettable. 

So, dear mom-to-be, let’s dance to the rhythm of life within. 🌸🤰📖