Meet the Author: Ashishh A 

Ashishh A is theTEDx speaker and has authored 6 books on the subject across Parenting & Branding. He is known as HappYness Hacker and the same has been acknowledged by the India’s Most read News paper Divya Bhaskar. 

Ashishh A, a captivating blend of researcher and storyteller, weaves magic through his words. He  believes that he has not written the book. He gives all credit to the supreme. He says The supreme lord  is the one who has inspired him and made him a channel to create his thoughts(विचार) into reality(वास्तविकता). That is the only reason the book front page has written that this book is written by “the blessing of the supreme” not the name of Ashishh A.

The book is a result of a prime question which is "Why do we want to bring a child into this world?"

This book will surely help you in finding the answer to this question. We believe we have no intention or ability to write this book, but God has blessed & inspired us to write this and has only made us a tool for sisters and mothers like you. We have complete faith, not in ourselves. but in the supreme almighty. We pray to the supreme to make your pregnancy journey divine and blessed.

Ashishh A,

🔬 The Curious Explorer: Ashish’s insatiable curiosity has led him from the corridors of academia to the hidden alleys of ancient wisdom.

📚 Wordsmith Extraordinaire: His believe that pen is way powerful than a sword and life is a war we have to keep fighting, keep living. 

🌟 Guiding Light: Ashish’s bestselling books on parenting have touched hearts across India. His readers describe him as a lighthouse in the storm, illuminating paths to self-realization.

🌿 Writing Meditation: He believes that every time writing god’s name on the book holds a unbelievable opportunity of a universe to be explored.

🌸 Want to be a mother in next birth: Ashish embraces life’s dualities—the delicate balance of logic and intuition, science, art and spirituality. His laughter echoes through his home, where he nurtures both his family and his next literary creation with a sole purpose of to get blessed and become a mother in the next birth.

So, dear reader, step into Ashish’s world—a place where thoughts get fire and blessings get received. 📖✨

Garbhyatra: Name & Logo Story

Definition: The term “Garbh Yatra” combines two Sanskrit words: “garbh” (womb) and “yatra” (sacred journey). It refers to the transformative journey of pregnancy, both physical, emotional and spiritual, experienced by a woman as she carries a developing fetus in her womb.

Concept: Garbh Yatra encompasses not only the physiological changes but also the mental and spiritual aspects of pregnancy. It recognizes that the well-being of the unborn child is influenced by the mother’s thoughts, emotions, and lifestyle during this sacred period.

When Author had the opportunity to write this book the first he was going to name the book as Garbh Sanskar Yatra.  While writing the book he realized He can not offer Sanskar to a being. He goes even further and says no Books, Application or Class can teach Sanskar to any mother or child in the world. Sanskar is already there inside the being and only mother can help herself and a divine child to realize those values and sanskar during the pregnancy more effectively. So what is the purpose of the book ? The same Book’s role is the same as husband or family, to support physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This book has originally been written in Gujarati Language, Writer wanted a regional name with mother tongue or Sanskrit Language. He himself discovered that even English speaking people may not understand or modern people may not get an idea about the book. By reading that name he was confident that he wanted this name for the book. 

Gujarati: ૐ + ગ + ર્ભ + યા + ત્રા 

Sanskrit: ૐ + ग + र्भ + या + त्रा 

English: ૐ + ga + rbh + ya + tra 

Five letters with five circles you can see in the logo represent 5 wombs and the baby inside them. Delivering a word is as painful and blissful as delivering a child. Of course there is no comparison with physical pain of any mother but the mental strength he is referring to. Matru Devo Bhav: ( Mother is a goddess )

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