Who Create This Magic ?

Short and सत्य answer is " The Supreme Almighty". He is the one who has inspired us and made us tool to create his thoughts in to reality. 


Known as a Gujarat's HappYness Hacker and TEDx Speaker on Happiness. Ashish Bhalani enjoy meeting new people & learning about their lives & backgrounds.

I had the opportunity to work in front of me on this unique divine subject of Garbh Sanskar's Ancient knowledge and latest science. After thinking and meditating on this work, we focused on all kinds of topics related to science and spirituality to give it a final touch, and as a result, an excellent book emerged. At the same time, it was a feeling of self-satisfaction that we will be able to help Mothers and their little ones connect with the supreme almighty. We are not ashamed to admit that we literally felt ourselves being pregnant many times while writing this book.

- Ashish A Bhalani