Why Coconut Water is a Pregnancy Super drink: Top 5 Benefits

This world has a trend full of functional foods and drinks. Coconut water is considered as one among the royalty beverages for people. This tropical drink is best for enjoying beachy vibes, pool side parties, post-workout and more. It is a safer option even during pregnancy due to no added artificial flavor and color. Also, it is not part of the meat of the plant, but instead a juice from inside of coconut. Therefore, it will not add any of the harmful saturated fat to the body. 

Many people claim that coconut juice is best for pregnancy, helping in labor and morning sickness. But are all of these claims for real? Can I drink coconut water during pregnancy? For this, let's check out this blog post to reveal the truth behind. 

Nutritional Breakdown of Coconut Water

Discuss key nutrients in coconut water that are essential during pregnancy (e.g., electrolytes, vitamins, minerals).

Coconut water has since long been considered as the main supplement of diet to boost up your health. It gives many of the essential nutrients required during pregnancy. Let's have a view for each of them to know if is it safe to drink coconut water during pregnancy? 

  • Electrolytes 

Coconut water contains one of the main electrolyte like potassium. It will help the person to get about 600 milligrams of electrolytes with just a sip of cup. Electrolytes helps to boost the kidney function and muscles contractions during pregnancy. It also helps a lady to stay energetic and hydrated throughout the day. 

  • Vitamins and minerals 

Coconut water is enough source to snatch out need of vitamins and minerals especially during pregnancy when requirement gets double. Minerals like calcium, magnesium important for muscle health could get fulfilled with scheduling coconut water in daily. Also, Vitamins D, Vitamin B-12 are readily available to improve the immunity in the body to fight against all disease and make a healthy growth of the fetus. 

Top 5 Benefits of Coconut Water During Pregnancy

Coconut water during pregnancy can prove to be a refreshing and tasty option to boost up immunity. Check out some of the benefits of drinking coconut water. 

  • Hydration and Electrolyte Balance

Coconut water is an excellent source to consume the pure form of water. It is the best option to stay hydrated and maintain electrolyte balance in the body during pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting are the primary symptoms for a pregnant lady leading her to spend most of time in the toilet bowl. You can indeed choose coconut water which helps to stabilise the electrolyte balance in the body. Many of the women suffer from a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum in which it leads to excess levels of morning sickness. This definitely needs an added electrolyte to diet in the form of coconut water. It will readily provide you electrolytes like sodium magnesium, potassium etc. 

  • Natural Diuretic Properties

Diuresis is a condition in which the body needs frequent urination. This leads to getting rid of all excess toxics and fluids including salt to release out of the body. As coconut water contains the highest percentage of water, it readily provides natural diuretic properties to the body without consuming any pills. Due to this, it reduces the amount of fluid flowing through veins and arteries resulting in reduced blood pressure. 

  • Digestive Health

As mentioned earlier, coconut water is a rich source of magnesium. It helps in regulation of bowel movement in the body. Also, it reduces gaseous distension, problems related with acidity and constipation too. This hydrating drink can alleviate digestive discomforts from acidity especially. 

  • Nutrient-Rich, Low-Calorie Drink

Coconut water is a proven dietary supplement for weight management. It has a lower amount of calories as compared to other supplements and beverages. A sip full of cup contributes only about 48 calories. Drinking coconut water during pregnancy is an alternative to all artificial sugary drinks which can help to manage weight and stay hydrated. 

  • Possible Benefits for Foetal Health

You might have heard several times that minerals and vitamins are very essential for the proper growth of a baby. For this, coconut water is perfect to add to a mix. It provides the body with some essential micronutrients for foetal health. It mainly includes calcium, potassium and magnesium. To fulfil this rush no where but grab tender coconut water during pregnancy. 

Calcium is the key mineral helping in bone and teeth development in the body. Potassium helps to build strong muscles and joints. Also, magnesium is proven important to increase the birth weight of a fetus. This will directly reduce the chances of preeclampsia. A pregnant lady should make their diet fulfilled with macro and micronutrients ensuring proper growth of fetus and maternal health too. 

When and How Much Coconut Water to Consume

Recommendations on how to incorporate coconut water into a pregnancy diet safely.

When to drink coconut water during pregnancy? Basically the best time for drinking coconut water in pregnancy comes when there is need for hydration. It means there is no specific time to drink coconut water instead you can enjoy entire day. During pregnancy it might prove best at morning while some of them like to have as afternoon beverage. However, it is also essential to listen to body needs while consuming the coconut water. During pregnancy it is better to consult the healthcare provider to know preferable time to intake coconut water. 

In terms of quantity, you can intake about a cup full of coconut water at a time. It will make you feel energetic, balance the electrolytes as well as provide vitamins, minerals and hydration to the body. 

Addressing Common Concerns and Misconceptions

Discuss any potential side effects or circumstances under which coconut water might need to be limited.

Yes, coconut water is considered as a healthy supplement to include in diet during pregnancy. Are there any side effects of coconut water during pregnancy? Let’s make out some of the precautions to consider while consuming coconut water. 

  • Avoid excessive intake 

Moderation in intake of any supplement is key to maintaining good health. Yes, coconut water can provide many important minerals, vitamins. But on the other hand, excessive intake of the same can lead to imbalance in overall diet. 

  • Watch on sugar intakes 

You should include the natural coconut water avoiding any packaged ones added with artificial sugar and flavors. Coconut water during the third trimester is the best alternative source to replace the intake of artificial sugar in the body. Intake of more sugar can boost health issues in pregnancy. 

  • Consult the healthcare provider before consuming coconut water 

You should not make any major change in diet with regular consumption of coconut water before consulting your healthcare provider. It is important because a healthcare provider can suggest the best time and amount for intake of coconut water based on medical history and health. If not, you might lead to several dysfunctions during pregnancy. 

  • Don’t forget to consider allergies 

Are you one among those facing allergic reactions with the presence of nuts? If yes, then you need to avoid coconut water. It is because coconut is actually a fruit juice from inside. Person allergic to nuts might also develop reactions with consumption of coconut water. 

  • Look for freshness 

Look for the fresh coconut water without any pasteurization for intake during pregnancy. It will help you to get the maximum benefits of coconut water. 


Summaries the benefits, reaffirm the importance of moderation, and encourage consulting with a healthcare provider.

There are satisfactory benefits of drinking coconut water during pregnancy. It will help to offer hydration, minerals, vitamins, electrolyte balance and more. Also, check out the best time and amount for its intake with personalized advice from healthcare experts. Don’t forget to consider precautions  like moderation is key while intake the same. Making a choice of refreshing coconut water can help you to enjoy nourishing part of the baby during pregnancy. 


  • How does coconut water contribute to fetal development?

Coconut water during pregnancy provides with essential minerals and vitamins. It includes mainly calcium, potassium and magnesium. Calcium helps to boost bone health while potassium for muscles. Magnesium helps  to increase the born weight of fetus ensuring a proper development. 

  • Are there any specific times during pregnancy when coconut water is particularly beneficial or advised against?

Morning sickness is one of the main symptoms during pregnancy leading to nausea and vomiting. It leads to loss of water as well as electrolytes in the body resulting in dehydration and weakness. Coconut water is beneficial to provide hydration as well as maintain electrolyte balance. 

  • How much coconut water is safe to consume during pregnancy?

Coconut water of about a cup full at a time is considered safe during pregnancy. This amount is enough to maintain the daily dietary supplements and proper foetal growth. 

  • Are there any specific conditions or scenarios where coconut water should be avoided?

Yes, it is mainly applicable for the person having an allergy to nuts. Coconut water is a part of fruit juice produced inside it. A person having such an allergy should indeed avoid coconut water during pregnancy to eliminate any reactions of hypersensitivity. 

  • What are the nutritional components of coconut water that make it beneficial during pregnancy?

Mainly coconut water contains essential nutritional components like vitamins, minerals, diuretic properties, low calorie giver etc. Also, it helps in keeping the body hydrated and energetic. In pregnancy especially it works to reduce morning sickness.