What to expect when you're expecting: book for first timers!!

When you learn that you are pregnant, your excitement knows no limits. But despite your contentment, a lot of unanswered questions plague you. You might be interested in learning about the early indicators of pregnancy, the vitamins you need to take, and whether you'll have any cravings. These are all perfectly valid worries, especially given all the changes your body is going through. You really can't enter this unprepared as a first-time mother, though. We therefore considered creating this blog as your go-to pregnancy book or guide.

Mommy to be? - Start your Pregnancy journey with us!!!!

As you begin
Make an appointment with your doctor as soon as you learn the wonderful news and, of course, after you've shared it. Your medical history will be reviewed by your doctor first. They'll also ask you about your symptoms and general health.
During this first session, blood and urine samples will be taken. (These will be repeated at a later visit.) The urine test looks for bacteria, high sugar levels (which could be a sign of diabetes), and high protein levels.
Blood tests are used to check for infectious diseases, anaemia (low iron), blood type, and infectious diseases.

GARBHAYATRA BOOK is made up of Q&As (questions and answers) with experts on pregnancy. Almost all of the questions you might have for a gynecologist are addressed in this thorough book. You even get answers for many questions in our book.
Newly becoming a parent and worried how to learn its importance and benefits than with our book learning Parenting's benefits and life lessons is easier. We also have about 49 activities that will inspire and motivate you during your pregnancy.
While the book does have a point of view (they believe that natural birth is better, while we believe that you should be commended regardless of how you deliver your baby), it is also full of inspiring birth tales for the benefit of all expectant mothers.
We have a complete authentic summary of ancient indian literature, the VEDAS, THE PURANAS AND THE GRANTHAS for a new mother to be!!

The first half of the book is filled with birth anecdotes, while the second half focuses on educating women about the birthing process, the mind-body link, and the actual experience of giving birth. Mothers' insider advice: Read the second portion first. The rah-rah, you-can-do-it attitude ultimately makes you feel much less afraid and much more capable.
The Ultimate Guide for the Expectant Father
Although they may not show it, fathers are just as anxious about the baby's arrival. This is the reason Armin A. Brott penned this book, which he intended to serve as a guide and source of comfort for aspiring fathers. The book also includes advice on how expectant dads should assist their partners and care for themselves while traveling.
Despite the numerous apps that are currently accessible on any website, books still provide a unique sense of comfort for some people when it comes to learning new things. You, future parents, and dads may experience severe anxiety during both pregnancy and delivery. You can be sure, though, that the books featured in this post will be a huge assistance to you as you navigate pregnancy. Wish you very good luck for your future journey!!!