The Positive Impact of Garbh Sanskar Mantras and Slokas on Pregnancy

Have you ever thought about why there is a difference in production of crops between two farmers? Despite using the same natural resources like land, air, water, atmosphere, sunlight etc. crops grow differently. It is probably because of the belief of one farmer in worship for good production as compared to other people. Similarly there is great impact of garbh Sanskar mantras and slokas on pregnancy journey. It can help to boost the development of your baby. Explore the secret to procure the best progeny in the form of your little one with understanding garbh Sanskar mantras and slokas in detail. 

What is Garbh Sanskar?

Pregnancy demands for proper feeding to maintain good health of mother and baby both. In a similar way garbh Sanskar is considered the diet for proper mental health of mothers during pregnancy. It is a joyful, ritualistic, positive way of maintaining a good lifestyle during pregnancy. Garbh Sanskar is a Sanskrit word with deep meaning. Garbh means the womb of a mother. Sanskar means imparting a positive impression on the baby itself from the womb. 

Garbh Sanskar is practiced since ancient times in India. It indeed helps the pregnant mother to develop a stress-free, happy and positive atmosphere. Take it as emotional nourishment for proper growth of the fetus itself in the womb. It is like planting a seed along with fertilizer to get a good and healthy crop. Similarly you start to care for your baby before birth with recitation of spiritual and powerful books. 

It helps a mother to nourish the mind and character of a baby in womb with positive actions and thoughts. Garbh Sanskar makes a baby good at character and leads to a positive impact on growth. 

Modern research says that the human brain develops about 80% in the womb of the mother. Stress, anger, anxiety, negative thoughts etc. can lead to adverse effects in development. Excess level of stress can prove a preterm delivery of an immature fetus. Conversely, a mother in a joyful, happy environment following garbh Sanskar can deliver a healthy baby. All of such facts are mentioned in ancient Indian books like Kashyap Samhita, Sushrut Samhita, Charka Samhita etc. These books give a deep insight about the growth of babies in the womb. Also, it helps to develop a positive environment for pregnant women. This advice is also supported with modern science and research programmed related with garbh Sanskar mantra. 

The Science and Spirituality Behind Mantras and Slokas

Garbh Sanskar is a tradition from ancient India. But it doesn’t have any scientific belief. After researching it, there are great benefits of garbh Sanskar mantras on pregnant women. Let’s explore some of the science and spiritual aspects behind mantras and slokas. 

  • 80% of development of baby’s brain 

  • It is believed that there are about 100 million neurons in the developed brain of a person. According to research, the development of the brain starts itself after 16 days of pregnancy. It means about 80% of growth of the human brain occurs itself in the womb. Here about 2.5 lakhs neurons are developed per minute. Therefore, garbh Sanskar can help to shape the brain development in a positive direction. 

  • Babies have capacity to listen and remember in mother’s womb 

  • Babies after the second trimester are able to listen and react towards sound, light etc. Hence, it is advisable to create a positive environment for the baby's growth around the mother. Babies are now able to listen and even retain the same memory after birth. Garbh sanskar has the capacity to tone up a baby's emotion in a positive way creating a healthy mindset right from birth. 

  • Language learning start itself in womb 

  • Languages are one among the most complicated learning for newborns. Modern research has proven that a newborn after an hour in this world can understand the difference between native and other languages. It is because of the listening and remembering capacity of babies when inside the womb. Garbh sanskar can help a mother to implement good thoughts, emotions into her baby’s growing period. 

    Key Garbh Sanskar Mantras

    Garbh Sanskar mantras are particularly made for the couples who want to nurture their child right from the womb. You can chant various mantras available in audio files, books etc. These will help you know how to maintain psychological, spiritual and physical health of the baby and mother. Along with these mantras you can follow yoga, music, diet with ayurvedic herbs and more. You can find many experts related to garbh sanskar mantras. One such spiritual guide is Dr. Balaji Tambe, an ayurvedic doctor and therapist. Check out some of the key garbh Sanskar mantras to chant daily to see best results. 

  • Garbh Raksha stotram 

  • Translation: Oh goddess, please bless the child in the womb and protect our family for life long. 

    Meaning: It is  basically chanted to protect the fetus from all evil eyes. You can develop a protective layer around the baby and mother during the pregnancy phase. 

  • Aum Devaki Sudha Govindan Vasudeva Jagath Pathe 

  • Translation: It is devoted to the son of Vasudev and Devki who protects the entire universe, our family bow to you to protect the fetus. 

    Meaning: It is chanted with the names of Govindan, Vasudeva and Devaki who protect the entire universe. 

  • Beej Mantra 

  • Translation: You can chant “Om shri Ramaiya Nemaha”. It is a mantra which creates strength, courage in your thoughts. 

    Meaning: It is a powerful mantra with an instance of seed which provides energy to think positive for mother and baby. 

  • Om Mahalakshmi Namath 

  • Translation: I am bowing to goddess Lakshmi 

    Meaning: It is chanted to bring abundance and auspiciousness in the life of a newborn. You can provide the blessing of goddess Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity to your child. 

  • Om Anantara Namah 

  • Translation: I am bowing to the infinite energy of this universe. 

    Meaning: You can invoke the limitless energy from nature into your child. It will help in the spiritual growth and proper development of a baby. 

    Recite these mantras with faith and see the positive impact of it on the health of mother and baby. The principles of garbh Sanskar mantra Balaji tambe can make out physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. 

    Practical Guide to Integrating Mantras in Daily Routine

    It is important to sit in a specific mindset, time and environment to maximise the benefits of garbh Sanskar mantras. Explore how you can gather up benefits integrated in mantras. 

  • Sit aside with dedicated time 

  • Set a specific time each day from your schedule to chant the mantra. Preferably sit at morning or evening times. It is because the mind gets the most focus during these hours. 

  • Sit in peaceful environment 

  • Choose a peaceful and calm environment to chant the garbh Sanskar mantras. It includes your personal room or any outdoor serene. In short, it should allow you to focus the mind to maximize benefits of garbh Sanskar mantras without any distractions. 

  • Try to connect with baby 

  • Connect with life growing within you and imagine good health and well-being. This emotional bonding with mother and baby can enhance the impact of mantra. 

  • Regularly recite the mantras 

  • Make garbh Sanskar mantra a part of your daily routine and follow it with consistency. You will find a significant impact of chanting these mantras a few minutes a day on your baby. Include some activities like yoga, meditation, prayer etc to add on benefits. 

  • Consult with experts 

  • You can even prefer to consult the experts of ayurveda to know more about garbh Sanskar mantra. These mantras will help a child to get specific results. 

    • Relaxation time 

    Before sitting to recite the mantras, try to make your mind relax with the following exercise like deep breathing, meditations etc. It will create an atmosphere that allows the maximization of mantras. 

    • Stay positive and faithful 

    Chant the mantras daily with a positive mindset and faith. It will empower the impact of mantras on your baby’s health. Simply trust the process and your intentions to create a positive result out of it.  

    Benefits Reported by Practitioners

    Many of the individuals have practiced garbh Sanskar mantras and observed enhanced results out of it. Individuals has observed positive results described as follows: 

  • Stress reduction 

  • Mothers might face stress and anxiety in the pregnancy phase which gets reduced significantly with garbh Sanskar mantras. It can have a positive effect on the development of a baby. 

  • Promote positive environment 

  • Abhimanyu garbh Sanskar mantra chants along with soothing music can create positive results on the foetus. Also, it promotes well-being of the upcoming little one and mother. 

  • Cultural and spiritual significance 

  • Garbh Sanskar mantras can impact cultural and spiritual significance on families expecting new members. The mantras are proven effective since ancient times in India. 

  • Potential cognitive benefits 

  • Many individuals practicing garbh Sanskar mantra found potential cognitive benefits with development of baby in womb. 

  • Enhanced bonding 

  • Garbh Sanskar mantras are enough to strengthen the bond between mother and baby. 


    Probably now you would have understood the importance of garbh Sanskar mantras on mother and baby. It can help to shape your baby’s emotional and mental health in a positive direction. You can chant these mantras in a suitable environment on a daily basis and observe great results out of it. Further you can prefer to consult the expert practitioners for seeking specific garbh Sanskar mantra pdf. It will definitely add a spiritual value with the development of your baby. 

    FAQ Section

    • What is Garbh Sanskar and how does it benefit pregnancy?

    Garbh Sanskar is chanting the specific mantras which helps to develop a positive impact on growing a baby inside the womb. It is also considered as a protective layer for pregnant women from evil eyes. 

    • How can one practice Garbh Sanskar Mantras effectively?

    Firstly you need to choose specific garbh Sanskar mantras. After this, you can chant these mantras in a peaceful place with dedicated time and focus to get effective results. 

    • Are there scientific studies supporting the benefits of Garbh Sanskar practices?

    Yes, recent searches have proven that garbh sanskar mantras actually work for developing babies right from the womb. It can help to add emotional, spiritual well-being with the development of a baby. 

    • How do specific mantras like those by Balaji Tambe influence pregnancy?

    Dr. Balaji Tambe is a well known ayurvedic expert and therapist. He has given many garbh Sanskar mantras which help to get positive influence in a baby during pregnancy. 

    • Can these practices improve the emotional and spiritual well-being of the mother and baby?

    Yes, definitely chanting garbh Sanskar mantras on a daily basis can improve the emotional and spiritual well being of mother and baby.